Simili is social planning made simple.

We’re all about using technology to make experiences in the real world more delightful.

Our goal is to eliminate the emotional and logistical friction inherent in group decision-making, so we can all spend our time and energy where it matters most: enjoying each other’s company.

We Believe…

that you shouldn’t have to be loud to be heard.

that having preferences doesn’t make you difficult.

that group decisions ARE possible.

that technology can enrich social networking in the real world.

that our time together is precious.

that discovering new places together is shared joy.

that no one needs to feel responsible for another person’s satisfaction.

that considering others’ tastes is a way to show you care.


Make the most people the most happy with Simili.


About the founder: Liz Heinberg loves food, but hates being the person to choose the restaurant. Professionally, she is an entrepreneur, namer, & brand marketer; personally, she is a farmer’s wife with a passion for fresh veggies, physical activity, & sustainability.

*The Simili team is growing! Please reach out if you’re interested in joining us:

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