most frequently asked questions and answers

That’s an easy one. It’s free!

For now, Simili only knows what you tell it to know. We’re moving in the direction of smarter recommendations based on past dining experiences – thumbs up/thumbs down style.

Why, yes – yes, you can. In fact, we’re working on a version of the product built JUST for people like you. Try it, provide us with feedback, and you get free access to Simili for life, even if it develops into a paid platform. Just send us an email if you’re interested – [email protected]

You start by providing the location and price range for your meal, then include people. Simili takes into account the tastes and preferences of all people in the group and makes recommendations in the given location and price range. We’ll get fancier with this down the road (incorporating ambiance, etc.) – so let us know what filters you’d most like to see!

We do not sell any data. The information you provide is used only to make the best possible personalized restaurant recommendations. Here’s our complete Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

We take an approach similar to a Doodle poll, but then simplify it. Because if all you want to do is grab lunch with the girls next week, do you REALLY need a full spreadsheet showing everyone’s availability? We think not.