What is Simili?

Simili is a social planning tool. We make it easy for people to get together and enjoy each other’s company without wasting time trying to decide what to do, where to go, or when to meet.

While our aspiration is to someday become the go-to planning app for social occasions, Simili’s first mission will be answering the age-old question “where should we go to eat?”

Simili does this by first considering the preferences of everyone in the group. The app then suggests restaurants which maximize group happiness. Those options are pushed out to the group for a vote, alongside time/date options – so both time and location are decided, all at once.

The Simili app will be available for iOS and Android in November, 2018. We’d love your thoughts, feedback, or feature requests!

The Simili story

I (Liz) am a vegetarian who doesn’t like to feeI “difficult,” and as a result, I would find myself saying that I was happy to eat anywhere the group wanted to go, especially when eating socially for work-related events – but that really wasn’t true. I WASN’T “happy” anywhere – and I suspected that I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t voicing his or her true desires. I began to think about how much time we waste when trying to choose a place to eat in groups, and I started to feel strongly that there had to be a better way – some kind of tool that would help us get past the moments of emotional friction that are uncomfortable and lead to sub-optimal outcomes. I love the idea of leveraging technology to make real-world social interactions easier and better. That’s what Simili is all about.

We believe:

  • That you shouldn’t have to be loud to be heard.
  • That having preferences doesn’t make you difficult.
  • That group decisions ARE possible.
  • That technology can be used to enrich social networking in the real world.
  • That our time together is precious.
  • That discovering new places together is shared joy.
  • That no one should have to feel responsible for another person’s happiness.
  • That considering others’ tastes is a way to show you care.

About us:

We’re a tiny team. Liz Heinberg, founder, is Yale and Brandcenter educated with 10 years of experience building brands and marketing products. She’s working with an awesome Charlottesville-based dev shop experienced with startups (Coshx) and a seriously hard-working junior developer (Connor Fowler).


We’d really, really love to hear from you. Please email [email protected]

(And here’s our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, if that’s what you’re looking for.)

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