Version 2.0 Is Now Live

Version 2.0 Is Now Live

Many thanks to all of you who were early users of Simili – we learned a lot from your questions and feedback, and very much appreciate the time you took to reach out!

Version 2.0 of Simili is now live in the App and Play stores. Here are the biggest changes:

  • Now you can invite friends without entering or selecting their email addresses. This has a numbers of advantages:
    • Invites can be sent via text, email, Slack, or carrier pigeon.
    • Invites can happen at any time during or after meal creation – even while voting is still live.
    • If the contacts on your phone don’t sync properly, for some reason (like… you’re like me, and you’ve never quite taken the time to wrangle your technology, because hey – it pretty much works, most of the time), you won’t need to go look up and manually enter email addresses anymore. I mean, yeesh! – who does that anymore?!
  • Push notifications have been enabled, too, to help keep the meal selection process on track. You will have to OPT IN to receive these – and we promise, the notifications will only be related to the meals you’re planning or attending.

Here’s what it looks like!

When creating a meal, first you’ll see a screen like this.

Then you’ll have the option to invite people or peek at the restaurant options.

Clicking ‘Invite People’ will open up the share menu…

which will generate a message featuring your unique meal code.

So now, when a person logs in, they’ll see this:

… and can easily enter the Invite Code you sent them to join the meal.

Once everyone has accepted, you’re ready to send it to a vote!

As always, you (as the meal leader) will be able to browse restaurant options, which Simili will suggest, based on the preferences of everyone who has entered the code and accepted the meal. You can also edit this list by adding and removing locations; just click on the photo next to the restaurant name to see Yelp reviews and restaurant information. Whenever you’re satisfied with the options, send it to a vote!

Hope you enjoy the updates!

(and please remember to allow push notifications for the best user experience) 🙂

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