Patience Is Not A Virtue

Patience Is Not A Virtue

Right now, it feels like I have stalled. I know that can’t be true: my developers are working hard every day to finish the MVP, and my days are full of meetings, and learning, and thinking, and planning, and just generally trying to stay on top of all. the. things.

But without users – those magical, currently hypothetical people who will validate that Simili could be something more than an expensive hobby – it’s hard to feel like progress is being made. I am desperate to have a finished (enough) product that we can get it out into peoples’ hands. That’s not the finish line – in fact, it’s when the real work will begin.

I generally think of myself as a patient person. I knew that this was going to be hard, and that it would be a process. I just foolishly didn’t expect that this particular stage would take this long. It is making me more fully appreciate Facebook’s “move fast and break things” – and that’s really saying something, given that the idea of broken or unpolished product would have been a non-starter for me two months ago.

I guess that’s growth, even if it’s not the kind I’m looking for.


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