Why Simili?

Why Simili?

I named this baby long before it was born. I knew I didn’t want anything super expected; nothing containing “eat” or “friends” or “taste”, for example. I played with a lot of words. I spent many, many hours mulling over the options and delighting in the fact that this thing was ALL MINE to name. As I name things professionally, I’m used to falling in love with a name only to have a client choose something different, usually a name that was presented as a “safe,” slightly less creative option. In some ways, the fact that I could name my company whatever I wanted made the process harder; when the brief isn’t tight and the possibilities feel endless, naming can actually be more difficult… and I was like the wishy-washiest client EVER.

So why did I ultimately choose “Simili”?

  1. I’m a total nerd. Similes and metaphors delight me. Why not lean in to what I love?
  2. It evokes the word “similar” – and Simili is all about finding the similarities and overlap in the tastes and preferences of everyone in a group in order to maximize total happiness.
  3. Relatedly, it also reminds me of the word “smile.”
  4. Visually, I liked it. The “i” ending (rather than “e”) gets at the idea of a group of people, represented by the three “i”s — (for a while, I played around with a logo concept that involved making this point more directly, but WOW was that a bad idea…)
  5. It was ownable. Yay!

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